This is not a joke; this is not a prank! Our ‘future’ could look something like this!!

In the coming days, as a result of the excesses of technology and consumerism, society will be plagued by widespread depression, suicidal thoughts, and a feeling of living like a puppet without strings to the extent that psychiatrists will be in the highest demand! Their prescriptions might read something like this:

  1. Observe a mobile fasting day at least once a week.
  2. Every Sunday, slap yourself lightly eight to ten times on the cheek and say, “I am a living, beating, sensitive human being. I am the boss of technology, not its slave. I will not let it take over me. I have a wife, children, and family.”
  3. Do not sit in front of gadget screens as soon as you come home.
  4. Keep in touch with friends and relatives in person from time to time.
  5. Have at least one meal with the whole family.
  6. Look at the sky and observe nature consciously.
  7. Celebrate festivals.
  8. You are genetically family-oriented and social, so only your traditional roots can give you happiness. Explore the world while preserving your roots.
  9. When the SIM card’s limit is reached, remember that communication and connectivity without range, “Wi-Fi,” connect us to inner happiness.
  10. Virtual fragrance, virtual touch, virtual relationships… Virtual means illusionary. Why resort to illusionary happiness? Embrace the real world and give it a place in your life.

Mark my words, in the next 20-25 years, a world that has become a slave to technology and lost so much because of it will be seriously struggling. Just as we are currently fostering awareness about saving energy, protecting the environment, saving the planet, conserving water, going green, alternative energy, and medicine due to the frightening future situation, there will be projects to emerge from the crisis of human sensitivity. Emphasis will be placed on the cries of mentally ill individuals who have become isolated, self-centered, and devoid of sensitivity and are estranged from friends and family due to technology.

Just think, in the last few years, there has been so much technology that can offer thousands of stored songs, movies, and photos at the touch of a finger for free. Just like a child plays with a new toy all day and keeps it close while sleeping, that same child eventually discards it. We initially use a new radio, tape recorder, telephone, TV, vehicle, or any other item with enthusiasm and then use it only when needed. Our style of letter writing is gone, and even email has become outdated.

Computers have been replaced by smartphones. Will we continue to just joke, share quotes, photos, likes, and comments throughout our lives? It is not possible. Years later, we will use it only as much as necessary.

New technology will come, but its use in social network connectivity will be as minimal as letter writing. Technological reliance will be seen in office work, all public service systems, science, and the medical world. This burden will be so great that interest in social networking will significantly decrease. After decades of excitement, individuals will understand the importance of live contact, celebration, sensitivity, and tradition.

Technological advancements will create mental, social, employment, and economic challenges, prompting well-wishers of society, the medical world, and NGOs to emphasize “back to roots.” Governments may have provisions for discretion or control over technology under regulations, possibly imposing heavy charges or taxes as well.